/ How do you feel that the audience is receiving your work? Is it understood?

: Yes, but they need some time. People will come back a week or two after the performance, with amazing responses, and tell me; they need to let it go through them. This is not entertainment, it is difficult, advanced. There are many segments and many layers, mental layers, levels of insight. It seems like people that have been experiencing challenges in life recently
have the tendency to respond immediately.

/ Please mention something of that which might come through, to those who understand.

: Well, clearly the audience is, in a sense, bombarded with love and care, for that is always the basis for my works. Existential, art.

/ You seem to be perfectly relaxed when you move about, when you talk - even though you are more active than most people.

: Every part of the body must be alive, can be alive, can be part of your intelligence, your movement. When you listen deeply with all of yourself you typically become relaxed. Of course it is also a matter of discipline. Two thousand hours of ballet training does help, but it is also a question of philosophy, of epistemology, of how you feel life. And how one feel about life is transported to the audience in each performance.

/ In watching your works, one feel stricken by the sense of urgent attention - to life, to beauty, to relationship.

: My epistemology is optimism
I wish to transfer it to the audience and give them hope, contribute to the sense of there being a meaning in being
alive, in supporting harmony, and so on.

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