"My Epistemology is Optimism":

An interview with Monica Emilie Herstad
of herStay dance performance.
Pictures: Monica Emilie Herstad with herStay at Oslo Kunsthall 28.-29.June 2002, in her The fetish is the observer ********

Background. Monica Emilie Herstad, dancer, choreographer, with education in
both ballet and modern dance, including in particular butoh. She is internationally considered as one of the foremost renewers of the butoh approach. She is just coming from a herStay tour including Los Angeles and the ISFIT at The Norwegain University of Technology, NTNU. Recently, herStay
dance performance had shows with a group of dancers, live DJ, and video, all choreo-graphed and produced by Monica Emilie Herstad. They performed Black Box Theater in Oslo, at Carte Blanche i Bergen, and as well as Moderna Dansteatern i Stockholm. Names of recent works include "The fetish is the observer", "Comewhatmay;" and "[BeMyGhost]".

/ Is there a 'why' to your performances? Do you have any conflict with yourself in making these?

: You can make a logical conflict afterwards, when you push the 'why'. In the process of making a project itself there is no conflict. You explore
what happens to you, not merely as chaos, but see the deeper patterns, and you work also from there.

/ Say something about the work behind a performance.

: On the average I use a year on a work. It is rare I ask anyone but myself about the existential problems involved -- and they are, of course, often about that. I do have intelligent advisers and good conversation partners, however.

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