(herStay photo: SRW)

NB! For herStay subsequent updates this spring: herStay

.herStay performance GRAZIA/ Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty, inpspired by various Ibsen moments .herStay performers Monica Emilie Herstad, Cathrine Bothner-By, Kyuja Bae, Katarina S. Henriksen, et al. .Oslo, NY, Berlin, London, Beijing, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, etc.

NEWS-line 2017:

*2017, February: herStay workshop February 23d - 25th in Oslo. Contact information: herStay@gmx.com.

*2017, April 17th: herStay workshop in Bergen. Contact information: herStay@gmx.com.

*2017, May, June and September: herStay performance Sketches for Spring in hence May, June and September, upcoming info tba

*2017, August 15th - 18th: herStay annual workshop in ItalyherStay Italy.

*2017, October: "herStay China tour" with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy Beijing.

*2017: herStay excellent review:
Scenekunst: herStay review.
Deichmanske: Compose yourself - it may happen in beauty.
Deichmanske: Compose yourself - it may happen in beauty.
Scenekunst: Skisseskikkelser.

NEWS-line 2016:

*December 6 and 7 in Oslo at Deichmanske Grünerlřkka, at 19.30 hrs.
Deichmanske Bibliotek
An introduction

*herStay performance in Prague October 25th, herStay in collaboration with the National Gallery Prague, Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, at the opening of Agnes ANEW.

*herStay interview

*herStay interview at Litteraturhuset autumn 2016

*herStay performance in China in 2017, be welcome.

*herStay performance during Ibsenfestivalen 2016 September 10th - 14th, a collaboration between Nationaltheatret and Deichmanske Grünerløkka September 10 and 12 at 1800 hrs and the 14th at 1930 hrs:
Visit www.deichman.no, or buy tickets here.

*herStay performance in Oslo, garden performance in August, Drammensveien 83, August 13th at 17.00

*herStay workshop for professional dancers and artists, contact herStay@gmx.com within August 5

*Monica Herstad is invited by PRODA, PROSCEN and National Competence Center for Dance Region West to perform her lecture on Dance and the future - in a post-petroleum perspective, in Bergen 16.6.16, with the Cornerteateret Summerevent as host

*herStay is grateful to receive a donation from the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing to support the international herStay in Asia tour in 2016, to be realized in September this year, specific dates are coming up, the performance is GRAZIA

*herStay symbolic art grant initiative this year goes to a tree planting project in the Henan province, China, to improve the air quality, 15 trees are being planted

*herStay performance work in Oslo: dates are coming up

2017 schedule:
herStay touring Europe, several capitals, detailed schedule will follow

2015, herStay SEPTEMBER:
herStay 11 - 13 September, in collaboration with Bang! Arkitekter Oslo,
herStay performance OM-stilling September 12th only, at 14.00 hrs/ 2 pm.
Åpne Hus, Bang Arkitekter

herStay AUGUST 2015: herStay at Stems Festival August 27 - 30, Saturday 29th at 22.20 hrs

herStay JUNE 2015: herStay ongoing project 2014 - 2017, herStay in collaboration with the National Gallery Prague. Princess of Bohemia, herStay in Prague, herStay performance the indoor version of Sketches for Spring, Effervescent Futures in St. Francis Church at Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, National Gallery Prague, an EEA cultural project, supported by EEA funding from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, June 13th 2015, 3 performances during Prague Museum Night 2015, and future projects.
herStay in Prague 2015
herStay with the National Gallery Prague
herStay behind the scenes in Prague 2015
herStay vs National Gallery Prague

herStay JULY 2015: herStay in Rome, performance 14th of July 2015
Monica Emilie Herstad, herStay

herStay OCTOBER 2015:
herStay upcoming new workshop series: Effective moves for intellectuals series, books as deep relaxation and restitution. Book an instructor now, at herStay@gmx.com, for seminars accomodated after appointment. Well-suited for different sets of art, educational, health and business environments.

Monica Emilie Herstad on butoh in Norway and internationally: Herstad on butoh

herStay workshop in Bergen October 16 - 19th, "Empathic analyzing as a workshop tool in the process of creating a physical performance"

Picture: Monica Emilie Herstad, in her upcoming herStay performance Daphne vs Apollo, photo SRW 2015

herStay current venues

Monica Emilie Herstad is an artist within contemporary performance, a term used to describe hybrid performance works with an artist that travel between the fields of dance, experimental theatre, video art, visual art, music composition and performance art without necessarily adhering to one specific field's practice only.

As a vanguard within the arts, Monica Emilie Herstad's career as a dancer, performer and choreographer spans from the highly profiled inauguration of receiving the International Ibsen Award Stipend in 2008, and then Silver Prize in South Korea 2011, to a range of different performance appearances and commissions for prominent worldwide venues, such as now in Europe in collaboration with National Gallery Prague this spring, after successfully touring Asia and different continents as such.

Through advanced research also by recently fulfilling a 3 year Guest Research Fellowship uniquely offered at Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo, and parallelly developing her signature ensemble herStay, Monica Emilie Herstad achieves a prize winning performance language, often performed in chamber format at different venues.
Links: herStay International Ibsen Award Stipend
herStay at BodyWord Festival
herSta y i n Asia
Herstad Master Class
herStay Silver Prize Winning
herStay Award Winning

herStay is a Norway and abroad based performance unit working site spesific, outdoor, or performing in theaters, galleries, and festivals. For the recent years, herStay has created several productions in the borderland between performing arts and site specific installations.

Monica Emilie Herstad as a research is as well a member of the Art Critics Guild.

2014 - 2017, herStay ongoing project, herStay in collaboration with the National Gallery Prague. Princess of Bohemia, herStay in Prague,
herStay performance at Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, National Gallery Prague, an EEA cultural project, supported by funding from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, June 13th 2015, 3 performances during Prague Museum Night 2015, and future projects. herStay in Prague

2015: Herstad is fulfilling her Nordic MA in Dance Science, in addition to earlier gained academic and artistic competence.

2015: herStay represented in NY, January 9th 2015, Special Effects Festival, The Wild Project, Almanac 15, Book Launch, herStay in NY 2015
herStay in NY

In 2015 Monica Emilie Herstad is amongst other published in the international theater science magazine New York Times Square Chronicles, with her critique of Bill Pullman vs Meg Stuart at different shores.
Monica Emilie Herstad in NYTimes Square Chronicles

April 2015, Monica Emilie Herstad is in 2015 honoured with a travel grant to Berlin, by ASSITEJ.

July 2015, Monica Emilie Herstad was delighted to be living at CS in Rome, for a 2 weeks art residency.
herStay studies for the new performance herStay Daphne vs Apollo 2015:
herStay performance studies in Rome

2015, herStay workshop in Corinaldo, March\E9, Italy
Attending the workshop, looking for accomodation, Artist Grants, or early-bird-discounts, feel free to contact herStay at email: herstaydenorvege@yahoo.fr, herStay in Italy

January 2015 - June 2015: Monica Emilie Herstad classes at BDS, advanced level III Contemporary Dance, from 13 years - grown-ups

Some recent 2014 recalls:
herStay performance 141214 at Ingensteds in Oslo, Monica Emilie Herstad in a passage from her Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty
Monica Emilie Herstad performance Sunday, December 14th 2014, at Ingensteds, at 20:30 hrs
Compose Yourself
BUTOH Performance Night in Oslo

herStay in Japan Garden Serie:
herStay Sketches for Spring performance in Japanhaven, Bergen, Botanical Garden, Milde Arboretum.
Previously herStay in Japan Garden performances:
October 22nd 2014,herStay performance Sketches for Spring,
and August 10, 2014: herStay performance Sketches for Spring, in Japanhaven, Bergen Botanical Garden
herStay in Bergen, Japanhaven August 10 2014

Monica Emilie Herstad Artist Talk March 2014 Monica Emilie Herstad Artist Talk

September 18th, December 4th and 11th 2014, January 22nd and 29th 2015: herStay class at BDS, advanced level III Contemporary Dance

herStay performances and workshops October in Bergen 23 - 25 2014: herStay October 20 - 25, 2014

October 22, 2014: herStay performance Sketches for Spring, in Japanhaven, Bergen Botanical Garden, at 12.15 pm
herStay in Bergen, Japanhaven
Milde Arboretum, Bergen Botanical Garden
herStay performance October 22, 2014

October 23, 24, 25 2014, herStay workshop in Bergen, USF, BDS
Theme: Elaborating on Performance vs Nature herStay workshop October 23, 24, 25 2014
herStay workshop October 2014

September 2014, 3 - 6: herStay workshop, Monica Emilie Herstad accomodate and instructs MODUS vocal ensemble in movement repertoir, for their performance for challenged children, September 3, 2014. Funded by Norwegian Arts Council, INK 2013, Den kulturelle skolesekken, etc.
Monica Emilie Herstad movement

August 10, at 13.30 pm, herStay performance Sketches for Spring, in Japanhaven, Botanical Garden, Bergen, a garden created by landscape architect Haruto Kobayashi. Tea and guided tour from noon.
Traditionally inspired by the Chinese garden culture, the aesthetics of the garden idea was then brought to Japan, and there found its own style, through over thousand year of tradition.
herStay performance in Japanhaven
Monica Emilie Herstad herStay performance development is generously supported by Bergen Regional Competence Centre for Dance West, BDS.

Monica Emilie Herstad at Tvergastein August 2014, since 1996:
Monica Emilie Herstad performance research and botanical documentation
herStay at Tvergastein 2014: herStay performance Sketches for Spring. herStay Workshop, August 11, 12, 13 2014,
Monica Emilie Herstad performance workshop in Bergen, USF, Verftet.
Theme: Elaborating on Performance vs Nature. A performance situation are prepared for during the workshop.
Attending the workshop, please contact: herstaydenorvege@yahoo.fr or the secretariat
Butohlaboratorium, katarina.s.henriksen@mail.com for details.
Registration upon request, and payment in advance.

July 9th 2014: It is hereby announced that the professional dancer Katarina Skaar Henriksen is given herStay Workshop Stipend 2014

Further information on Monica Emilie Herstad: Directing and practicing performances being a dancer, choreographer and theoritician per se.
Herstad is a professionally educated dancer, and is as well educated within yoga, mindfulness, practicing and teaching these disciplines as a part of her teaching.

She recently fulfilled a 3 year Guest Research opportunity at Centre for Ibsen studies, UiO in 2008.

Monica Emilie Herstad's theory practice is performed in different art magazines, such as Scenekunst, Kunstbevegelsen, and earlier Kunstkritikk etc.
In 2015 she is amongst other published in the international theater science magazine New York Times Square Chronicles,
Monica Emilie Herstad in NYTimes Square Chronicles
in 2014 in Scenekunst, such as March 14th:
Herstad on Artist Rights, May 2014:
Herstad review on Swan Lake, June 2014:Herstad upon Carte Blanche, etc.

July/ August 2014, herStay in London, preparations for performance

August, botanical research at Hardangervidden

May, 21 - 25 2014: Monica Emilie Herstad is a Guest Choreographer, and Artist in Residence, as Artistic Choreographer and artistic adviser for the performance SKAPE, by MODUS. In May: in Margrethesalen, Akershus Castle, during Oslo Medieval Festival 2014.
In August: Gamle Aker Kirke.
With support from SEANSE, INK 2013, Kunstløftet and Den Kulturelle Skolesekken:
Monica Emilie Herstad at Akershus Castle

May 29th 2014, herStay workshop in Bergen, USF
12 - 2 pm, open class for professionals, BDS, Bergen, for registered in advance only, by e-mail, to herstaydenorvege@yahoo.fr

May 2014, Monica Emilie Herstad receives a travel cost grant from The Norwegian Art Critics Guild

March 13, 14, 2014: Monica Emilie Herstad is presenting lecture at University of Bergen, Theater Studies, at the "Sacred spaces in performing art, theater and dance" seminar.
Herstad lecture at UiB

March 11, 2014: BUTOHLABORATORIUM in Oslo, March 11th, Monica Emilie Herstad teaches butoh at Torshovloftet, Torshovteatret:
Herstad Teachings

Monica Emilie Herstad teaches contemporary dance at PRODA March 5th:
Herstad Contemporary

Monica Emilie Herstad teaches at PRODA Bergen, Spring 2014, in both contemporary dance, and yoga:
Herstad Academy

Monica Emilie Herstad teaches at PRODA January 29th:
Herstad YOGA

Monica Emilie Herstad teaches at PRODA January 22nd:
herStay yoga

herStay vs Nature:
Garland Essay

herStay February 5, 6, 7, 2014, herStay in Prague, artistic exchange collaboration summit EEA

Some herStay references:
Monica Emilie Herstad Curriculum Vitae

herStay Nature: herStay Nature

Norwegian herStay Winning Silver Prize in South Korea, East Asia recently: herStay Winning in South Korea

herStay Ibsen International Award Stipend Winning: herStay Winning Nasjonalbiblioteket nb.no

herStay, 2013, Oslo Medieval Music Days August 4: herStay August 2013

herStay in 2013, Oslo City Hall, "Tourist in your own city": herStay at Oslo City Hall 2013

herStay in Japan, as described in NY State University dance curriculum: herStay in Asia

Monica Emilie Herstad Master Class: herStay at Costa Rica

herStay in NY: herStay in NY

"herStay accomodates Ibsen athmospheres into the 21st century"

- Jansatta News, New Delhi 2008 herStay Classic: Aria Variata, Monica Emilie Herstad in Chr. Wolthers play the other day: herStay Classic

"It gives an immediate beautiful experience, which also stimulates the mind. The performance is intuitively gorgeous."
- Art historian Torun Liven, on Sketches for Spring, to Norway News 2012

Monica Emilie Herstad's continuous Asia success: herStay Asia Success

Monica Emilie Herstad in interview by Danseinformasjonen herStay Sketches for Spring 2011 - 2017:
herStay Sunday August 4th 2013, Sketches for Spring performance, is presented by the festival Oslo Tidlig Musikk Dager/ Oslo Medieval Music Days, in the garden/ site of Saxegaarden, at noon, 12.00 hrs, Sunday August 4th.
Monica Emilie Herstad's oevre Sketches for Spring, in dialogue with improvisation over the famous Hildegaard von Bingen's content, played by fidle player Elizabeth Gaver and soprano Cathrine Botner-By, and a number of herStay performers.
(Original sound scape: H. Boudd\E9n)
Further program Sunday 4th is including the well reputated Patrizia Bovi (Babel/ East-man) and her ensemble Micrologus, etc.:
herStay performance August 4th 2013
herStay Sketches for Spring related

herStay June - August 2013, Monica Emilie Herstad completes her Professional Yoga Teacher Foundational Training, RYT and YTTC qualified

herStay Acknowledgements: Receiving several prizes and excellent reviews for her Ibsen inspired works the recent years, Monica Emilie Herstad is concidered holding a remarkable Ibsen vs movement expertice, she represent a sought after lecturing and directing, throughout the world, from Prague and Rome to Costa Rica, Homg Kong, Tokyo and further.

herStay exhibited at the art gallery BOA, herStay photo is exhibited in R\E5dhusgt. 19, Oslo, at the 17th century ballroom gallery BOA, April 20, 21, 2013. Vernissage Saturday the 20th.
herStay at BOA

herStay audience success:
herStay performance Sketches for Spring contributed to audience success for Botanical Garden Oslo, who increased their annual audience number significantly that year.
Sketches for spring herStay performance ble vist 11 ganger i Botanisk have i 2012 og bidro til publikumsrekord: herStay audience success

Further presenting Monica Emilie Herstad>: Receiving her BA as a dancer, and teaching diploma, then gaining her MA competence after post grad studies in choreography and improvisation as well as her measurable significant professional artistic competence, before fulfilling her 3 year Guest Research Scholarship at the Center for Ibsen Studies at UiO, in 2008, specializing in Ibsen vs movement, now adding an extra MA to her CV, by fulfilling a Nordic MA in Dance Science, just in case.
In 2010 she received her diploma certified as an International Producer by CINARS - International Exchange for the Performing Arts.

In 2013 Monica Emilie Herstad enhances her yoga teaching certificate skills internationally as well, in a more of a sabbatical year beside her constant artistic practice, re-thinking her positions. At current times, now in 2015, she delivers large performance works internationally, in collaboration with amazing institutions, such as with National Museum Prague, and in other magnificent cities such as in Rome, and so on.


herStay in the media:
herStay interview in Dance/ Danseinformasjonen December issue 2012, Monica Emilie Herstad:
herStay interview December issue Danseinfo 2012

Recent features internationally:
2015: herStay in Prague, Rome and Oslo 2015, earlier herStay in South Korea, Tromsø XIII International Ibsen Conference, Kedja Tallinn, etc.

Herstad at Oslo Black Box Teater, Think Theater Confererence, February 19th
Organizer: University of Oslo, Theater Science Faculty
Panel debater: Monica Emilie Herstad (Artist), on Tendencies in cross-aesthetic performing arts.
In panel discussion with Siren Leirv\E5g (UiO), Victoria Meirik (Director), Lars Petter Hagen (Ultima).
Monica Emilie Herstad at Think Theater Theory Conference
Conference at BBT February 19th

Received the Silver Prize
"Monica Emilie Herstad, is offered the Silver Prize at the International Art Festival Pohang Bada in South Korea August 7th 2011:
"The festival gives this year's prizes to the best performances, hence to Norwegian Monica Emilie Herstad with her performance Movers and shakers - Tangible channeling the existence of nature, beside the Korean Studio 365 with their performance Alice, who takes first prize.
herStay consists of different members from production to production, the 6 in this project are all greatful and happy to be invited to perform 4 evenings at the prestigious festival's mainstage this festival week.
The International Theater Festival Pohang Bada offers 7 stages, with 32 different performances, within a diversity of genres, from all over the world.
The festival is initiated by the South Korean Cultural Ministry, herStay work is with gratitude co-financed by Royal Norwegian Ministry of Forreign Affairs, Norwegian Art Council, FFUK, International Ibsen Awards Stipend, the International Theater Festival Pohang Bada main sponsor is Posco."
herStay in South Korea