(herStay photo: National TV Prague, herStay in collaboration with Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, National Gallery Prague.)

Picture shows herStay perfomers choreographer and dancer Monica Emilie Herstad in duet at the opening of Agnes ANEW, National Arts TV Prague, with singing performer Cathrine Jane Bothner-By, October 25th 2016. A herStay collaboration with National Gallery Prague since 2014.
Link to herStay 3 performances at National Gallery Prague June 2015

NB! For herStay subsequent updates this spring: herStay

NEWS-line 2019:

*6. June: herStay art video 'Field the Edge' release at summer festivals, during Oslo European Green Capital 2019, and internationally.

*19. March: herStay art video release and dance appearance with 'Matters Solved' and 'Field the Edge'

*Further 2019 Schedule, to be announced

NEWS-line 2018:

*CrowdSourcing for 'Field the edge' at Oslo Friteater-festival

*2018, Danseinfo-article on Field the edge

*2018, herStay performance at Oslo Fringe Festival/ Oslo Friteater Festival November 11th at 14.00 hrs, tba

*2016, herStay performance at Deichmanske in collaboration with Ibsenfestivalen 2016: HerStay performance at Deichmanske in collaboration with Ibsenfestivalen 2016

*2018, Monica Emilie Herstad presentation at XIV International Ibsen Conference 2018: HerStay at XIV International Ibsen conference 2018

*2018, July 28, herStay Workshop on Ibsen and Dance, HerStay workshop at Moving interactions summer festival

*2018, July 29, herStay performance, HerStay performance at Moving interactions festival 2018

*High-lights herStay schedule 2018 - 2019 coming up:

*Monica Emilie Herstad feature in Pengevirke no. 1, 2018, Cultura Bank: Wordpress article Interview in pengevirke magazine - Dans i samklang

*Monica Emilie Herstad guest art correspondent in The Modern Times, https://www.nytid.no/author/monica-emilie-herstad/

*herStay in Asia 2018: herStay 2016 - 2021 touring performance GRAZIA/ Compose Yourself - It may happen in beauty, inpspired by various Ibsen moments.

*herStay performers Monica Emilie Herstad, Cathrine Bothner-By, Sophie Charlotte Barth, Kyuja Bae, Katarina Skaar Lisa, understudies et al.

*Video link for festival producers, academic circles/ libraries: Link (please ask to email info@herStay.net for pw)

*herStay performs in Oslo, NY, Berlin, London, Prague, Shanghai, Paris, Rome, etc.

*May 9th, 2018, Deichmanske Schous Plass, Monica Emilie Herstad featured in a film exposition

*March 3d, 2018, House of Foundation, Monica Emilie Herstad featured in a film exposition.

*Schouskollektivets Sommerfestival 2018, presenting herStay performance and workshop July 28 and 29

*Oslo Jazzdance Festival June 24, 25, presenting herStay dance performance

*Monica Emilie Herstad workshop and performance at International Summer Festival Moving Interactions Schouskollektivet Extended, July 28 and 29th 2018, at Oslo Teater- og Kunstnersenter. Solo part I - Solo part II

*September 2018, Monica Emilie Herstad presenting paper at The XIVth International Ibsen Conference 2018

*Monica Emilie Herstad Ibsen research, during her Guest Research Fellowship at Centre for Ibsen Studies 2005 - 2009, and further independent Ibsen research, Link

*herStay in Europe Winter 2018/ 2019, tba

NEWS-line 2017:

*2017, February: herStay workshop February 23d - 25th in Oslo. Contact information: herStay@gmx.com.

*2017, April 17th: herStay workshop in Bergen. Contact information: herStay@gmx.com.

*2017, May, June and September: herStay performance Sketches for Spring in hence May, June and September, upcoming info tba

*2017, August 15th - 18th: herStay annual workshop in Italy herStay Italy.

*2017, October: "herStay China tour" with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy Beijing.

*2017: herStay excellent review:
Scenekunst: herStay review.
Deichmanske: Compose yourself - it may happen in beauty.
Deichmanske: Compose yourself - it may happen in beauty.
Scenekunst: Skisseskikkelser.

NEWS-line 2016:

*December 6 and 7 in Oslo at Deichmanske Grunerl√łkka, at 19.30 hrs.
Deichmanske Bibliotek
An introduction

*herStay performance in Prague October 25th, herStay in collaboration with the National Gallery Prague, Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, at the opening of Agnes ANEW.

*herStay interview

*herStay interview at Litteraturhuset autumn 2016

*herStay performance in China in 2017, be welcome.

*herStay performance during Ibsenfestivalen 2016 September 10th - 14th, a collaboration between Nationaltheatret and Deichmanske Grünerløkka September 10 and 12 at 1800 hrs and the 14th at 1930 hrs:
Visit www.deichman.no, or buy tickets here.

*herStay performance in Oslo, garden performance in August, Drammensveien 83, August 13th at 17.00

*herStay workshop for professional dancers and artists, contact herStay@gmx.com within August 5

*Monica Herstad is invited by PRODA, PROSCEN and National Competence Center for Dance Region West to perform her lecture on Dance and the future - in a post-petroleum perspective, in Bergen 16.6.16, with the Cornerteateret Summerevent as host

*herStay is grateful to receive a donation from the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing to support the international herStay in Asia tour in 2016, to be realized in September this year, specific dates are coming up, the performance is GRAZIA

*herStay symbolic art grant initiative this year goes to a tree planting project in the Henan province, China, to improve the air quality, 15 trees are being planted

*herStay performance work in Oslo: dates are coming up

2017 schedule:
herStay touring Europe, several capitals, detailed schedule will follow

2015, herStay SEPTEMBER:
herStay 11 - 13 September, in collaboration with Bang! Arkitekter Oslo,
herStay performance OM-stilling September 12th only, at 14.00 hrs/ 2 pm.
Åpne Hus, Bang Arkitekter

herStay AUGUST 2015: herStay at Stems Festival August 27 - 30, Saturday 29th at 22.20 hrs

herStay JUNE 2015: herStay ongoing project 2014 - 2017, herStay in collaboration with the National Gallery Prague. Princess of Bohemia, herStay in Prague, herStay performance the indoor version of Sketches for Spring, Effervescent Futures in St. Francis Church at Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, National Gallery Prague, an EEA cultural project, supported by EEA funding from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, June 13th 2015, 3 performances during Prague Museum Night 2015, and future projects.
herStay in Prague 2015
herStay with the National Gallery Prague
herStay behind the scenes in Prague 2015
herStay vs National Gallery Prague

herStay JULY 2015: herStay in Rome, performance 14th of July 2015
Monica Emilie Herstad, herStay

herStay OCTOBER 2015:
herStay upcoming new workshop series: Effective moves for intellectuals series, books as deep relaxation and restitution. Book an instructor now, at herStay@gmx.com, for seminars accomodated after appointment. Well-suited for different sets of art, educational, health and business environments.

Monica Emilie Herstad on butoh in Norway and internationally: Herstad on butoh

herStay workshop in Bergen October 16 - 19th, "Empathic analyzing as a workshop tool in the process of creating a physical performance"

Picture: Monica Emilie Herstad, in her upcoming herStay performance Daphne vs Apollo, photo SRW 2015

herStay current venues

Monica Emilie Herstad is an artist within contemporary performance, a term used to describe hybrid performance works with an artist that travel between the fields of dance, experimental theatre, video art, visual art, music composition and performance art without necessarily adhering to one specific field's practice only.

As a vanguard within the arts, Monica Emilie Herstad's career as a dancer, performer and choreographer spans from the highly profiled inauguration of receiving the International Ibsen Award Stipend in 2008, and then Silver Prize in South Korea 2011, to a range of different performance appearances and commissions for prominent worldwide venues, such as now in Europe in collaboration with National Gallery Prague this spring, after successfully touring Asia and different continents as such.

Through advanced research also by recently fulfilling a 3 year Guest Research Fellowship uniquely offered at Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo, and parallelly developing her signature ensemble herStay, Monica Emilie Herstad achieves a prize winning performance language, often performed in chamber format at different venues.
Links: herStay International Ibsen Award Stipend
herStay at BodyWord Festival
herSta y i n Asia
Herstad Master Class
herStay Silver Prize Winning
herStay Award Winning